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"Jennifer provides the best massages I've ever had. Seriouly, The Best. She really listens prior to your massage and cater her massage to you. I had a cupping massage most recently and she's the most skilled at that of any massage therapist I've had. The entire experience of working with her is great. Online scheduling, text message reminders, her building is easy to find and convient..and she provides the most relaxing massage you'll ever have. I can't not recommend her enough. She is truly amazing. -Kaari D.

"My visit to the Washington State Wellness Center was amazing! I was visiting from out of town and  I received a very relaxing massage and facial in a clean, professional environment. I also learned quite a few different ways that I can help myself relax at home and learned about some new products for my face and body that I did not know existed before.  The staff were also very professional and courteous and I instantly felt comfortable with my surroundings.  I would definitely recommend a visit here to any of my friends or family members."                                                     

-Andrea B. Yelp review 06/03/14


"I was very pleased with the service and atmosphere of WA State Wellness Center. I appreciated that the staff and owner seemed genuinely concerned about my health concerns (which include injuries caused from car accidents and snowboarding).

I actually liked that the office was on the smaller side and decorated in a more down to earth way. Often times when I've gone to more upscale spas, I feel like I have to have my makeup done well and dress nice to feel more comfortable and be treated well.

With appointments being booked one or two at a time, I noticed my visit was all about how I felt, and what they could do to make me feel better. No glitzy art on the walls, no club music while you're waiting, just staff focused on catering to what you need.

I'm not sure about the street noise or music that was mentioned in prior reviews. I didn't experience any street noise (at 6pm) and I listened to Enya-type music while being massaged.

The massage was one of the best I've received in years. Shannon, the masseuse hit all of the spots that were plaguing me and completely respected my need for silence. I personally don't like to chat while trying to relax but understand others don't mind. When I left, I felt relaxed, rejuvenated, pain-free and didn't worry what my hair and makeup looked like. 

I will definitely be going back to WA State Wellness Center and recommend it to others who want a great massage."

-Sara F. Yelp review 08/15/13 

"I went here because I had a Living Social coupon. I saw the other review saying they had a terrible experience so I was nervous, but it was fantastic.

Yes, there was street noise. Almost every place I've gotten a massage in Seattle proper has had some street noise. It's part of living in the city and it doesn't bother me.

For music, I was asked twice - once on my intake forms and once verbally - if I would like background music, and so I had that.

Before I even went in, the massage therapist (I wish I could remember her name because she was wonderful.. Nadia?) came out with a bowl of warm water to soak my feet, and I got a little mini-footrub. A bit weird, but pleasant and kind. In the room, which looked like any other small massage therapy room, I was asked about what problems I was hoping to address, etc. I told her I prefer little to no talking during a massage, because my last 2 massage therapists (at another place in the UD) were chatters. During my massage, she spoke only to ask if the pressure was okay, or ask me to turn over, or once to explain what she was doing because I think I made a weird face (I always wondered why they jam their fingers in your armpits, and now I know).

She was quiet, thorough, and I walked out feeling great. I ended up buying their new patient deal - buy 2 massages (at a great price), get one free, plus a free "add on" service. Both women I talked to there were sweet and concerned with my health needs, and I had just an overall delightful experience. I'm looking forward to going back."

-R.D. Yelp review 05/20/13

"I have been a patient of Wa State wellness center for 2 and half years, and have seen multiple healthcare practitioners. I recently came in for a massage, was pleasantly surprised when they began by giving me a mini foot bath, and had option of having aromatherapy, and it was unique to have it all included on the same treatment, lovit ! I like deep tissue, and she knows what she was doing, while there is some street noise, its mostly the normal humble you hear from inside of any building in the city, sounds like Judith A was just irritated at that point, lol.... While I agree its not like a 4 seasons spa, I guess this place serves its purpose, They were very accomodating with the booking time (considering I was expecting a month for getting a spot,I got it in the first week) with a friendly staff, great location, I think the full rate of $80! I will go back, it saves me a couple miles drive, and I had a good experience."

-James S. Yelp review 06/10/13

"super friendly and professional staff. the masseuse has done an amazing job working the deep tissue massage on me. felt great and groupon or no groupon, quality of work and count of the minutes have not effected it a bit. 60 minutes and great quality work. lot's of other places, who do groupon promos, have you in for 40 minutes (for some reason paperwork considered as time spent being massaged), do a poor no super poor job, and send you home hopping that you'll be back. with ballard welleness clinic - you'd want to be back at any point in time. 'nough said!"

-Boris Press, Living Social review 06/17/13


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