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It's not just a massage, it's journey! I am like Siri for your body.

-Jennifer Taylor, LMP

Taylor'd Fitness BAGA

Orthopedic Stretch Mate used during Taylor'd Fitness BAGA.

Instructor: Jennifer Taylor, LMP

Group fitness class focusing on:

*Myofascial release
*Joint range of motion

This accessory is designed to:
*Reduce and eliminate back pain
*Realigns and supports vertebrae
*Ease muscle fatigue
*Enhances flexibility & improves posture

Saturdays @ 9:30 a.m. in Fremont.
816 North 38th Street, Seattle, WA . 98103

Street parking.

Sign up here via Meetup group: Seattle Health and Wellness:


http://meetu.ps/c/2VXtF/5NZc8/a (https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fmeetu.ps%2Fc%2F2VXtF%2F5NZc8%2Fa&h=ATMcHwz4kFSzIhD1J3IFB6iAXjbuKOFKq7eH771ofiGiGS1HOY6xsCEjjmOjmR-tLq3t76v_B1zI2QLNPY29z1wsmFdCnW856r6NhvVwk4NcBu9JqyAEWYRxz3EAhffW_bVTXJj2oyRw6Mppgzo&enc=AZNqFx0MPiSVnWE4FRm63Itwboo3qziH5OMqB3Y7NkR6x-l9o_odghgH7NjX-Cl92A8djvkPzFtZdkRb26jNyBpaoMEQDhu0xAReih1yavh1EZS5LgFttz3qJMtz37t5yJ9kHy7Ntn6t0YpfmKIcbHbwA_UmEt7pXagDUsOKGmQ-1WTibM2pc8jrudXwI5uJVEXzx8vczg2GJvfEl1wCP-VU&s=1)

$10.00 Pre-register
8 spots available

Credit cards accepted.


Licensed Massage Practioner
ACE Certification
Teaching 6 years
CPR/First Aid
40 Hours Kinesology
159 Hours Anatomy & Physiology